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Going Down on Cassie
Going Down on Cassie Jemma and Cassie have a really sweet natural chemistry. They just feel natural together. As they kiss, you can see the give and take they have when they're together, just easily balancing out their desires as Cassie relaxes back and settles in to feel Jemma's tongue. First, it swirls over her nipples, deftly teasing as each peak hardens in response. When she pulls away her panties, their mutual anticipation can barely be controlled. This is going to be some passionate, intense cunnilingus. It's so amazingly sensual to just relax and feel someone who understands your body as they enjoy your reactions. It's another example of that perfect give and take. Jemma's tongue flicking and swirling over Cassie's clit brings forth moans and pleasure, which in turn beckon Jemma to keep going, focusing more and more on making Cassie's pussy feel incredible. Her fingers and tongue work together, penetrating just deep enough to make contact with her G-spot while her clit flutters under all the incredible attention. You can tell that Jemma knows just how soon Cassie is going to come. You can hear her orgasm rumbling in the distance, and it's Jemma's job to just keep touching and teasing and licking and sucking, eventually fucking Cassie with her outstretched tongue. Both brows knit, both focusing on what feels just out of reach until the moment where it all happens. Cassie's pussy spasms, her breath becomes ragged and deep, her hands grip the sheets and her pillow and Jemma's relentless enthusiasm for cunnilingus crests into its full expression. Continuing to lick through Cassie's denouement, Jemma's love for giving pleasure is unmistakeable.

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