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Piper's Pleasure Illuminated
Piper relaxes amongst the sheets by the window, enjoying the pleasure of laid back licking. It begins with a finger, gently tracing her, then finding her clitoris. As he comes to it, she bucks her hips involuntarily at the direct sensation. It's not unwelcome, just surprising. She's taken aback by how incredible it feels to not wait. Her reactions to the cunnilingus are small, sustained and just a little bit high-pitched. Every time she feels something she likes, her brow furrows a bit, releasing into a breathy sigh and smile. Her soft, smooth pussy is beautiful, but her reactions are perhaps even more so. It's enough to just see her face contorting and releasing with each wave of sensation. It's so sensual to look up, observing her. When the waves come on quicker and quicker, they begin eddying into on another, nearly overwhelming her with pleasure. The licking comes together with fingers inside her, filling her pussy and whipping her clit into a frenzy of firing synapses and established connections. Her hands reach out, fingers grasping the sheets as she twists, bucks and sustains, legs quaking as she comes. Her orgasm is beautiful. Seeing her breathless, body coming back into its connection to the rest of the world, you can't help but feel something deep.

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