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Laid Back Licking
Piper is laid back, relaxing in a chair and enjoying the way her pussy feels, exposed and getting ready to be pampered. She deserves it. Seeing her all comfortable, wrapped up in a duvet and lounging, she is living exactly the kind of experience she deserves. Cunnilingus is a good way to stay warm, and days like this are made to stay inside and playing around the house. As she opens up her comforter, she exposes her beautiful body to the fingers and tongue of her enthusiastic partner. This deep willingness and desire to make her come over and over with his mouth runs deep, and she can sense it. Eventually, the heat and the intensity overwhelms her. She's lost in her own inner world, eyes shut and then opened as she gasps a little for the air evading her. Pleasure is everywhere, but also concentrated right on her clit, extending up and into her. Her pussy spasms, her legs shake, she moans and then she slowly descends back to the comfortable place, ready to wrap herself back up.

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