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She's On Top
Amy's on top. She walks right up and she knows what she wants' She wants a probing tongue inside of her, sweet lips softly kissing her labia, a nearly desperate mouth sucking gently on her clit. She strides over and straddles her partner Jordan's face to get exactly what is in store for her. As she parts her legs and sits down, she presents her whole pussy to be worshipped. She's like a queen on a throne, only one with much more pleasure. Facesitting is one of the most intense kinds of cunnilingus, and that's exactly what she loves about it. There's no way to deny just exactly how good it feels for her, just as there's no avoiding just how badly Jordan wants to please her and make her pussy feel good. Her orgasm creeps up as she grinds into his face, working her clit against his tongue, feeling the way he is relentless with his enthusiastic licking. Facesitting can be overwhelming for the giver and the recipient, and that's kind of the point. The senses are all concentrated on the pleasure of cunnilingus' As she comes and rides his face through the whole thing, the power of the experience is overwhelming in and of itself.

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