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All About Amy
Cunnilingus isn't about selfishness in a bad way, but there is an element of it that is made to just relax and let someone else take care of your pleasure for a little while. Women's pleasure is so infrequently focused on, especially in porn, so we love seeing Amy recline and enjoy Jordan's talented tongue. Seeing the waves of pleasure undulating through her body, you're utterly captivated by the beauty of her reactions. Her face has this placid look which breaks occasionally into a knit brow and gorgeous gasps and sighs. Amy's pleasure is amazing to watch, and Jordan has no problem doing anything and everything in his power to ensure that this cunnilingus is enthusiastic and hitting all the right notes. Her body rises up in yet another wave of pleasure, but this one seems more sustained and pronounced. Her breath becomes ragged and shallow, her body rigid and poised as though all of the energy in her body is focused right towards her clit. His tongue swirls, his lips suck and she comes intensely, eventually melting out of this tension in the most beautiful way. A blissed-out, beautiful smile comes across her face and doesn't leave.

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