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Amy's Intense Face Sitting Orgasm
Amy has the most amazing body, and it's really exciting to see her moving around and really using it, getting her pleasure and enjoying herself thoroughly. When she climbs up on top of his face, it's incredible to watch her grind her pussy against his willing, waiting tongue. He's the perfect perch, as he's all too excited about giving her pleasure. That's really what this is all about, isn't it? Pleasure is paramount in cunnilingus, and the way we find that pleasure shifts from day to day. For Amy, right now, it's about feeling like a queen atop a throne, being served by someone who truly cares for her pussy and wants her to come whenever she's ready. The orgasm doesn't exactly sneak up on her' It's almost like it's always been there, just waiting for her permission to make itself known. When she's ready, she's bent over, moaning intensely and almost bucking against his face as she just lets everything go and focuses entirely on all those amazing feelings happening to her pussy. Face sitting is fast becoming one of her favourite ways to experience cunnilingus.

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