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69 For Her Pleasure
69 can be the great equalizer and a bastion of mutual pleasure, but there can be different balances in it, too. Sometimes it's nice to explore mutual stimulation while very clearly focusing on giving pleasure instead of losing track and winding up mostly receiving it. Cunnilingus is so important, and there's value in making sure that it's done very, very well. She's on top, so the element of face sitting only serves to make sure that he never breaks contact with her pussy. Piper is amazing at giving blowjobs, that much is true, but she takes breaks intermittently during the 69 to moan as she strokes his cock lightly. The sensation is always there, but her focus is allowed to wander freely to the tongue on her clit, circling it over and over and then flicking it directly as her orgasm begins to build and the sensitivity takes on new forms. Her pussy is wet and pulsing, edging closer and closer to those spasms aimed at releasing all this building tension. When she finally comes, it's moments after he does, spurting out a cumshot from her stroking as her moans increase to a point. Their orgasms are punctuated by her sucking him gently and licking up his cum as they relax into all of this nicely resolved pleasure.

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