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The Beauty of Face Sitting
Face sitting is genuinely a beautiful thing. It's really exciting to see a woman in a position like this, totally exposed and in control and working her body in whatever way will give her pleasure. Piper loves getting up on top, especially when her white lace panties are pushed to the side so he can get at her pussy, lapping wildly with desire. She's so statuesque, looking gorgeous with her pearl necklace and lace lingerie, her breasts freed so he can reach up and play with her nipples to heighten her pleasure. It's amazing to watch the way she is completely without any kind of self-consciousness, throwing herself into the moment and focusing on her own pleasure. Cunnilingus like this is really breathtaking. As she begins to slope into her orgasm, her body moves in subtly different ways, arching and releasing as the tension moves further and further into the very core of her. Her pussy spasms, her clit throbs and she experiences that amazing release, all while riding his face and enjoying the best that his skilled tongue has to offer, circling her clit until she comes down and breathes a sigh of sweet relief.

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