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Face Sitting Sensuality
Face sitting can be SO sensual. This kind of cunnilingus means being completely over whelmed with taste and smell and sensation of her wet pussy, even the sounds of her beautiful moans of pleasure. You might not be able to see much, but you can certainly imagine it in your mind's eye. Besides, though you can experience a lot of sensuality as the giver, there's even more for the recipient. Piper stays almost completely still, holding your hands to steady herself as she sits with her pussy just hovering. You almost have to crane your neck to taste her at first, but she gradually relaxes with her full pussy flush against your thirsty mouth. Your tongue probes and swirls before breaking into that repeated lapping that you know she loves so much. Each stroke of your tongue drags along her clit at just the right angle. Even as she's incredibly close to coming, she still stays nearly perfectly still like a beautiful statue clad in a white lace bra. She's almost meditative as her orgasms begin, moaning and experiencing all the sensation while maintaining a perfect calm in her posture. The sensuality is in her stillness, and in all the work you've done to make her pussy feel so incredibly good.

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