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Piper's Pleasure
Pleasure is so important. When it comes to cunnilingus, it's the kind of symbiotic relationship where the giver gets off on making someone feel good and the recipient gets to relax and have an orgasm or two. Sometimes the intensity of the desire to feel the manifestation of that warm wetness is overwhelming. There are moments, like here in this beautiful display of Piper's sensuality, where we shift from one act to another. Sometimes that deep thrusting of passionate sex feels right, but there's the urge to just make her come with your mouth. It's almost like a craving. Sure, there's the desire to taste her, to smell her arousal up close, to feel how slippery she's getting. You want to hear her moan and the clamp up in silence in those little moments before she releases in ecstasy and all the guttural noises pent up in side her just come spilling from her lips. You want to pause to see her pussy spasming as you wait just long enough before diving back in. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Be obsessed with the single-minded task of getting her off. See the art of beautiful cunnilingus and become that artist. When you see her all happy and satisfied, wipe your face and know that you've done something very good.

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