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Between Piper's Legs
Piper is getting ready for bed. She sits naked on the edge of her bed. You kneel next to her, burying your face between her long legs. You hold on to her shaking thighs asshe pushes them against you. You lick your thumb, the wetness of it makes it easier for you to rub her clit. You do the same with your index, but you insert it slowly between her slit. She moans of impatience and she grinds harder against your hand. She loses focus from time to time. Her whole body shakes, when you push your finger deeper and at the same time use your tongue to circle around her clit. She moans louder and louder - the neighbors can definitely hear her, but she doesn't care. She looks at you, unable to grasp that you can give her all that pleasure. She cums on your fingers and tongue. Her legs shake, her eyes close and her mouth opens wide to let escape one last moan of ecstasy.

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