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Moaning on the Couch
It's mid-afternoon, Piper takes it easy on the big couch. As you hold her legs apart, Piper can't help but to smile and give you a coy look. You have her pinned down. You look at her gorgeous face, her neck down to her firm breasts, the define lines of her stomach lead you right to soft naked skin of her mount. Lower, you cannot miss the pink folds of her delicate pussy. You stick your tongue out, sliding around her clitoris. She moans softly. She knows this is only the beginning. You place your thumb between your closed lips, soaking it in saliva. You probe her slit, it makes her body lean towards you. She moans as you almost slide it in, you slip it as far as it will go. Her legs want to come closer together. You turn your hand placing your four fingers on her belly, pushing deeper into her. Piper's eyes roll, she breaths heavily. You massage her throbbing clit with that same wet thumb. You look at her, her head is tilted backwards, she wants it really badly. You know your fingers are not enough. You lick her vigorously, every exhale she takes becomes a moan and every inhale is a long and loud one. Her muscles tighten, her grip on you too. She squeezes you head with her tights. You taste her. She is sweet. She giggles.

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