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Grabbing the Sheets
Piper sits on the bed, her fair skin fully exposed to your attention. Your eyes lock together, but you can't resist lowering your gaze. The light reflects off her nipple piercing, it's so mesmerizing, you just have to take the bait. Her skin is so soft. She spreads her legs for you to climb between them, and waits for you, caressing her stomach and her breasts. You start by stroking her lightly with your tongue. She smiles, it's like she had forgotten what this amazing sensation felt like. Her body is tense. Every stroke, every touch you give her, she reacts intensely to it. She looks down to you, you put your fingers inside her to look at the expression on her face. She's so beautiful when she moans. She lets you watch her, admire her. She pays special attention to your every movement, trying to match the sway of her hips to the twirls of your tongue. You're in perfect synch. Your tongue flicks her wet clitoris one last time. Her fingers squeeze the blanket, her thighs shake, she screams out in ecstasy. You look at her, with her taste on your lips and your tongue.

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