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Piper Moans by the Window
It's the middle of the afternoon, and Piper's feeling a little exhibitionist. She sits on the coffee table, right next to the window. She looks at you and turns her head to look outside. People are walking on the street right down below. She puts her head against the wall, placing her hands on each side of the table holding herself stable. A coy look crosses her face, will you be able to make her lose her balance? Her left foot pushes against the wooden floor, her right foot is up against her ass on the table. She tilts slightly towards the window; if anybody decided to look up, they would see her completely. She's feeling naughty today, and slowly strokes her pussy for anyone to see. You look up at her breasts, they're firm and perky. You touch her skin, it's warm from the sun. She's already wet right as you start licking her clitoris. She moans, her grips tightens on the table. Her head moves downwards to look at your tongue in action. She bites her lower lip, wanting more of you. Her muscles clench in ecstasy, she can't help but to push herself on your face. You feel her throbbing clitoris on your tongue. Her lubrication mixes with your saliva, making a slippery combination. You circle around her clitoris, then stroke her hard, the first wave of her orgasm comes in, short and intense. You stroke her once again, she lets it all out, she screams out in pure bliss. As she calms down, she takes one last look outside, wondering if anybody heard her.

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