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Fully Nude on the Bed
You see her all spread out on the bed in the guest room. The bed as not been touch, the sheets are still tucked in. Nothing covers her naked body. She waits for you, with an innocent smile. Piper likes to have spontaneous sex with you. Her hands are already firmly placed on the pillows that holds her upwards. She wants a cunnilingus. You climb on the bed, you move towards her pussy. You are so close, you feel her warmth on your face. She moves her hips towards you. She is hungry. Your tongue spreads her lips, as you taste her you enter her. From the corner of your eyes you see her grip tighten on the pillows. Her breathing is deep, her moans make you horny. You suck on her clitoris. She looks down at you, her mouth wide open. Her eyes are filled with desire. You feel her movements are like reflexes, fast and excited. Her legs shake, you place your hand on her pussy. She calms down. You get lost in her folds, once again she moans. Her legs are uncontrollable, her abs contract, she swings herself forward. You feel it on your tongue, her clitoris is pulsing. Her lungs push out one last scream of ecstasy.

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