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Laundry Room Licking
You are doing the morning chores with Piper. It is time to do the laundry. She lifts her ass on the drying machine. Her eyes stop looking at you, her gaze is now on her sweatpants you can not help but to look down too. She spreads her legs, she breaths on your neck, her right hand moves on your arm. You feel her desire for you. She looks down at her breasts, you do not hesitate and lift her top, revealing her beautiful breasts. You play with them, your tongue swirls around her erect nipples. Her grip tightens on you, the proof she loves it. You insert your fingers in her pants, you feel the her wetness, it is thick and warm. She raises her ass, you pull her pants down. They fall on the cement floor, her pussy is yours for the taken. You mouth explores her many folds, always tasting her. She rides your tongue, so the torture you are inflicting her can stop. She looks at you with those eyes of despair. You suck on her clit, her legs instantly clench on your head. She is close, her whole body is telling you. She places her hand on your head, her strident moans must reach the neighbors. You hold her firmly, she shakes and you hear the familiar sounds of her climax moans. She laughs, her legs rest on each side of you exhausted.

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