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High Heels, Legs Shaking
The sound of her heels knocking on the wooden floors gently wakes you up from your nap, not in an unpleasant way. She tries to make less noise but you know she is getting closer to you. You open your eyes, her pussy is right in front of you. You touch her naked legs, she seems so tall on her high heels. She wears a white bra with nothing else. Your hands run on her stomach. You fingers slide on her ass, pushing her clitoris as deep as you can in her mouth. Her hands rest above your head, you hear her nails dig into the fabric. The bulge in your pants is now fully aroused. She is so sweet and warm, you take a break to admire her folds. Her clitoris is erect and throbbing. You tease her with your breathing. Her legs shake on each side of you face. Her pussy is so wet. Her body rocks on your head, not being able to carry her own weight on her wobbly legs. She comes to her climax, her moans are clear because of her dry throat.

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