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A Light Touch
You make her wait for it. Her eyes are full of lust. You breathe on her panties adding your warmth to hers. She raises her waist, your fingers climb on her soft inner thighs. You push her back in the mattress. The muscles of her abdomen contract each time you touch her. You pull the thin panties that cover her pussy, she gasps to the sight of herself. She has surrendered. You hold her panties aside as your tongue cuts through her folds. She is all open and moist. Her hands crush the blankets. The taste of her on your tongue arouses you. You place your finger on her clit, applying almost no pressure, but the sensation is enough to send her body into convulsions. The tip of your finger strokes her so gently you can barely feel her, she screams, you know she feels you. You stop, she looks at you with a wide smile. You grab a handful of her breast and squeeze it. She moans harder. You pinch her nipples, nothing seems to matter anymore. You try to keep the pressure as light as you can on her clitoris. She empties her lungs, her scream is pure ecstasy. You look at her blissful eye close. Her body falls on in the sheets, exhausted.

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