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Thinking of You
Piper is in her bed, half awake. She feels really horny. The room is warm enough for her to be completely naked without the covers. Her legs are wide open, she moves her hand down her beautiful body. It reaches her softest skin. Her eyes close gently, as her mouth opens, letting moans escape from her most inner dreams. Behind her eyelids, she imagines your tongue contouring her throbbing clitoris. She quivers, to the warmth of your lips. Her juices flow, they drench her fingers. Her movements are sensual and uncontrollable. She thinks of the way you taste her, sticking your tongue out and licking her from top to bottom in one swift move. Her fingers slides easily on her. She squeezes her breast, thinking of the way you would handle them. She rolls her nipple between her fingers, her breathing as become sharp and rapid. She places her hand inside her thighs. Her abdomen contracts involuntarily, she loses all control. Her fingers know to push her over the edge. She drowns in her satisfaction, her body tremors and suddenly it all become peaceful. She covers herself and goes to bed, thinking of you!

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