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Begging You for It
Piper is eager to receive your mouth. The only piece of clothes she has on is her panties. She comes close to you, you are working. She touches your chest, you reply by squeezing her breast. She wants more than your touch. You get back to work, but she is persistent. Piper pushes your chair aside and makes her way to your desk. She sits comfortably on it. Her legs are spread wide open waiting for you to take her. You can not resist, there is only a thin turquoise fabric between you and her wetness. You take her panties off and begin slowly with your tongue. As you familiarise yourself to her folds, the table starts shaking to the rhythm of her body. You hold her close, with your fingers you bring her closer to her longing. You finally, place your mouth on her and leave it there until she reaches climax and that she does, between the unsteady table and her loud voice.

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