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All Tied Up
This video was based upon a special request we had. Piper sits you on a chair, she tells you to place your hand behind your back. You oblige, willingly. She ties your hands together and than to the chair. You are at mercy. She tittles your member thru the fabric of your underwear. She takes her time, her tongue seduces your shaft. She places her hair on one side and leans upon you. You feel the warm walls of her mouth close on you but never stopping you. You push yourself as far as you can. She sits you back down. She gently nibbles on your tip with her teeth. You stay calm. She wants to give you a better view, she strokes you with her hand letting you see her uncovered self. She is in no hurry and you are so hard, the edging is too much. She takes both her hands to relieve you. She twists and the first spurt escapes her. She keeps you in her mouth for the rest of it to land in her. She shows you and swallows it all.

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