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Exploring her Curves
Piper lets you take control. She does not touch you, only her eyes tease you. Her hand is too occupied pulling the sheets from under her. You hold her breasts, they are so young and firm. The pale pink of her nipples as you hypnotised. Her shiny nipple ring is there to let you know that she does not always like it to soft. Your tongue divides her lips. You breath on her, as you inhale you can taste the sweetness of her sent. You dig in her with your tongue, tasting her. She squeals under your influence. You circle her button. You can feel it throb to your touch. She grips on tighter to the covers. Her legs shake uncontrollably. Piper moves her waist from side to side, pushing herself on you. She looks into your eyes, you see nothing but pure blissfulness in hers. She climaxes. Her body goes from all tense to soft and peaceful.

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