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Lesbian Licking with Cassie and Jemma
Cassie and Jemma have a very sweet kind of chemistry together. It's effortless and charged with the natural pull they feel towards one another. When they spend time together, there's an inevitable progression towards their bodies touching, then hands exploring, then lips coming together in a kiss. Spending cozy time in bed together makes it all the more obvious. As they undress, the tree sparkles off to the side with little gifts for each other. It's not quite time to open presents yet, but giving each other pleasure seems like the perfect way to be naughty and nice. Cassie decides to go first, bending Jemma over to taste her beautiful pussy. Sensual moans escape her lips as Cassie works over the wet folds of her labia, wriggling her tongue in deeper like a passionate kiss. Jemma relaxes back in bed as she experiences the kind of pleasure that only a woman can give another woman. There's a kind of understanding in this cunnilingus which transcends to a place of intimate knowledge of the clit, the vagina, the labia... Cassie is an expert at teasing and then giving exactly what is so desperately needed. It's enough to drive anyone to the brink, and Jemma has a beautiful orgasm from this perfect balance of denial and indulgence.

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