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Eating Jemma in the Kitchen
Lunch breaks are important' You get to take a little time away from your desk to eat, take your mind of things and get ready to go back to work feeling relaxed and refreshed. They usually necessitate food, but sometimes it's way better to eat pussy. Gab has the right idea, focusing on giving Jemma pleasure with some very enthusiastic cunnilingus right there on the kitchen counter. Things start up sensually, heating up with lots of passionate kissing and teasing while they undress. Once she's disrobed, Jemma knows exactly what she wants, so she just reclines in a position of power, opening herself to Gab's talented mouth. He starts by kissing her pussy, but quickly progresses to long, slow licks along her inner labia. When she's thoroughly aroused, he focuses in on her clit, sucking it gently and flicking it with his tongue. Once he gets his hands in there, it's only a matter of time before Jemma starts riding the waves of pleasure that come from the phenomenal mix of cunnilingus and fingering. Gab carefully watches her reactions as she begins to moan more intensely. He focuses in on exactly the kind of repeated licking and sucking that drives her over the edge, relishing her wetness and unabashed sensuality as she comes on his face, her pussy spasming wildly. He comes in for a kiss once her orgasm subsides, allowing her to taste herself on her tongue. Well, back to work!

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