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Oral Sex for a Reclining Blonde
It's time for a little cunnilingus. Jemma wants to feel a tongue on her pussy, exploring her wetness and bringing her to an explosive orgasm all over his face. She wants the pleasure of a talented mouth. She knows Gab isn't far away, so she's just going to slowly strip down and play with her pussy. He can't resist watching her masturbate, lost in the moment before her eyes open and see him there, waiting to touch and taste her. His hands wander, caressing her breasts, her face and her hair. It's obvious that he's hard and that his cock is straining through his jeans, but this isn't about him. This is about his tongue on her nipples, his lips tracing down her body and finally finding her warm, wet pussy. There's a rhythm they get into together that's all about her pleasure, figuring out exactly what will make her feel good today. There are some standbys, but it's important to remember that sensation and desire ebbs and flows. There are seemingly endless combinations of fingers and mouth, sometimes flicking her clit with his tongue while sliding fingers inside her vagina, then switching to rubbing her clit while lavishing attention on her labia with his whole mouth. She builds up to the brink several times, and he pulls away each time to allow this intense desire to build. When she finally pushes through all this teasing, she finds a beautiful, passionate and deep orgasm.

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