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Pure Orgasmic Bliss
Seeing a woman totally relaxed and being utterly pampered with attentive and loving cunnilingus is an amazing thing. It's a breathtaking sight to behold as she opens herself, lets go of any tensions and allows herself to be completely in her body and aware of all these incredible sensations. Selina and Parker have a really wonderful rhythm together, vacillating between slow moments of awe-inspired licking and kissing to frenzied, furious and passionate cunnilingus like you've only dreamed of seeing before. This real couple really knows their way around each other and it shows. When you understand exactly what technique makes your partner feel good, it's exciting not only to give them exactly what they want, but to do the other things that remind them that you'll eventually get back to that one sensation that gives them the phenomenal orgasm they crave. Selina's body is breathtaking, absolutely, but what keeps drawing you back in is the way she smiles breathlessly as her body is overtaken by feelings that can barely be described. Her smooth pussy spasms around Parker's fingers, grinding her clit against his face as the waves of pleasure wash over her so completely. This ebb and flow is marked perfectly by the way the orgasms slowly roll one after another, framed by moments of intensity, moments of teasing and ones of calm denouement. This is where real love comes in and creates these moments of connections that culminate in the perfect post-orgasm bliss.

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